Forgetting to Get a Fire Extinguisher Adelaide Serviced and the Bad Results

It is so easy to forget that a fire extinguisher Adelaide needs to be seen to regularly to ensure that it is working exactly as it should: why, most people do not even know it in the first place!  Fire extinguishers, despite their screaming red exteriors, just do not enter our field of vision or occupy a place in our attentions until the emergencies actually happen, by which time it would be far too late to get a faulty flame extinguisher repaired.  Unfortunately, that was the case with my brother, who suffered a pretty bad fire in his house recently.
Now luckily for him, only he was in the house at the time the fire broke out, and all the kids were off in school, so they were safe.  He saw the fire as it was starting to get bigger and grabbed the house fire extinguisher—only to get a dud when he released the valve and tried to get it working.  In his words, it sputtered, spat, and then fizzled out like a saggy old balloon.
That was the part in his narration where I interrupted him to ask when he last got his fire extinguisher Adelaide seen to by a fire safety professional.  Apparently, my brother was one of those unaware that you had to maintain fire extinguishers to keep them working properly.  I had to explain to the poor man why fire extinguishers had to be serviced and how often—he was pretty shocked to find out that they expired, even!  For the record, by the way, flame extinguishers tend to go south five years into their age; you can check how old yours are by referring to the date of manufacture printed on the label stuck onto the canister.  And even when they do not need to be replaced, they may need repairing by that time.
It was lucky my brother got out unharmed and managed to save most of his house with the help of the firemen.  Still, it was a powerful lesson never to leave his fire extinguisher Adelaide unchecked for safety’s sake.  I am certainly never leaving mine unserviced after that, myself!

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